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In the realm of social media, where trends emerge and personalities are born overnight, few individuals manage to capture the attention and fascination of millions. One such enigmatic figure is Hero Alom, whose meteoric rise to fame took the world by storm. From his humble beginnings to his unique style and unprecedented popularity, let’s embark on a captivating journey through the life span of this unconventional star.

Early Life and Background:

Hero Alom was born and brought up in Erulia, near Bogra. Also, he is living there. The story of Hero Alom starts with limited information about his early life and background. While the details remain undisclosed, it is clear that he hails from Bangladesh, a country where his charisma and individuality would soon captivate the masses. In his early life, he used to sell CDs and DVDs and then he got involved in the satellite TV business. Currently he a freelance music video model, actor and social media person. He has acted in 3 Bangladeshi movies and also got a chance to work in Bollywood.

Hero Alom’s Wife

Hiro Alam’s wife

Hero Alom’s wife’s name is Sadia Akter Sumi and they have two children named Alom and Kabir.

It is rumored that he has remarried and got into an argument with his first wife. According to various sources, when Hero Alam remarried, his ex-wife quarreled with him over the issue and at one stage beat up his ex-wife and his ex-wife Sadia Akter filed a case against Hero Alam at the police station alleging abuse of women.

Emergence on Social Media:

Hero Alom’s ascent to stardom began on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. With an unyielding passion for self-expression, he uploaded a series of self-made music videos and short films. Little did he know that these initial steps would lead to a remarkable phenomenon that would grip the internet.

Initial Challenges and Criticism:

Every journey has its fair share of challenges, and Hero Alom faced his own. As his videos gained traction, they also attracted criticism and mockery. However, rather than succumbing to negativity, Hero Alom defied the odds, embracing the attention and using it to fuel his determination.

Entry into the Bangladeshi Film Industry:

Hero Alom’s popularity spilled beyond the realm of social media, catching the attention of the Bangladeshi film industry. With his unique style and infectious charm, he ventured into the world of movies, starring in several low-budget productions. Often portraying comedic or action-oriented roles, he continued to captivate audiences with his distinct personality.

Full Movies of Hero Alom

Hero Alam has acted in 3 movies.

  1. Marchakka
  2. Shahoshi hero alom
  3. Tokai

In the movie Marchakka, Hero Alam played a side role but in the next movie, Shahoshi Hero Alam played the lead role and in the movie Tokai Hero Alom will be starring in the lead role of Babul Reza’s film.

Hero Alam himself is the producer of the movie Shahoshi Hero Alam. There three heroines acted with Hero Alom.

Shortfilm of Hero Alom

Hero Alam has acted in numerous short films as well. Here are the list below.

  1. Joggota (ShortFilm)

Model: Hero Alom, Monisha, MunMun, Kajol, Prem

D.O.P: SD Jewel

Edit: Raz Razib

Producer: MunMun

  1. Elakar Boro Vai

Model: Hero Alom, Ive, Shovo, Suhel, Rifat Foysal

D.O.P: Yasin Bin Arian

Edit: Sh Metho

Producer: Mazharul Islam Nirob

Special Thanks: Ak Nadim

Directed By Joy

hero alom short film

  1. Digital Dhandabaj

Cast: Hero Alom, Nusrat, Shadhina, Uzzal, shojib

D.O.P.: Dulal Hossain

Edit & Directed by Jalal Mohammad

  1. Ashohai

Cast: sa sarder, hero alom

Directed by: Jalal Mohammod.

Label: SA Sarder Tv [HD]

Released Date: 08-08-2019

Production: SA Sarder Tv [HD]

  1. Shohorer Meye

Short Film: Shohorer Meye by Hero Alom

Cast: Hero Alom, Beauty, Brishti Jahan, Khosi

Direction: Hero Alom

  1. 10000 Taka

Short Film: 10,000 Taka

Dop: Ruhul Amin

Edit: Mushiqul Islam

Director: Mushiqul Islam

  1. Ore Batpar

Short Film: Ore Batpar by Hero Alom

Cast: Hero Alom, Beauty, Brishti Jahan, Khosi

Direction: Hero Alom

  1. Protibadi Hero Alom

Actor: Hero Alom

Director: Hero Alom

Compose: Hero Alom

Manage: Moshiqul islam

Label: Suranjoli

  1. Oporadhi by Hero Alom

Cast: Hero Alom, Himi, Gazi BulBul

DOP: Bisojit Sorkar Milton

Direction: Gazi BulBul

Post: Rock Star BD

  1. Valobasar Joy

Cast: Hero Alom, Shila, Masud, Nazim Uddin Babu, Ibrahim, Sipon Dev & Sabbir

Story: Nazim Uddin Babu

D.O.P & Edit: Sohag

Director: Team Hero Masud

International Recognition and Worldwide Fanbase:

As Hero Alom’s fame grew, it transcended borders, captivating not only his compatriots but also the South Asian diaspora worldwide. His videos and photos became widely shared on social media platforms, sparking conversations and drawing admirers from various corners of the globe.

Impact on Popular Culture:

Hero Alom’s impact on popular culture cannot be understated. In a world that often emphasizes conformity, he emerged as an icon for self-expression and individuality. His unique style, characterized by his long hair, flamboyant outfits, and exaggerated expressions, inspired many to embrace their authentic selves without fear of judgment.

Personal Life and Recent Activities:

While Hero Alom’s public persona dominated the internet during his peak years, information about his personal life and recent activities remains limited. It is evident, however, that he has maintained a relatively low profile in recent times, with a decreased online presence compared to his earlier years in the spotlight.


The life span of Hero Alom is a testament to the power of individuality and the unpredictable nature of fame in the digital age. From his emergence on social media to his impact on popular culture, Hero Alom carved a unique path that captivated millions. While his story continues to unfold, the legacy of this unconventional star will forever inspire us to embrace our true selves and celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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