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Ellen Kershaw (Clayton Kershaw Wife) Pics, Age, Lovestory, Kids, Bio

Ellen Kershaw is the wife of Clayton Kershaw. Apart from that, Ellen Kershaw is a housewife. The wife of Clayton Kershaw was born on 9 November 1987 (Age: 33 years as of 2020) in Texas. She became a very popular celebrity after marrying Clayton Kershaw.

The purpose of this image is to show the pic of Clayton Kershaw chilling with his beautiful wife Ellen Kershaw.

Less Known Interesting Facts about Ellen Kershaw

  • Her name was Ellen Melson before marriage.
  • Her religion is Christianity.
  • Hair Colour: Light Brown
  • She belongs to a family that shows unconditional love for Christ and Christianity.
  • Ellen Kershaw and Clayton Kershaw studied together at Highland Park High School in Dallas.
  • Ellen Kershaw and Clayton Kershaw date each other since their childhood.
  • She attended Texas A&M University.

Love Story of Clayton Kershaw and his Wife Ellen Kershaw

The purpose of this image is to show the pic of Clayton Kershaw hugging his beautiful wife.

The love story of this cute couple is very romantic. Unlike every other love story, theirs started when they were in school. Just like the movies; My Girl, First Love, Edge of seventeen…

Ellen and Clayton started dating when Clayton was 14 and Ellen was 15 years old. Though their love had to face many obstacles, in the end their “LOVE WON”.

First Meeting of Clayton Kershaw & his Wife Ellen Kershaw

No love is better than childhood love. We all have heard that “first love is genuine love”. So, what is even better than having your first love as your life partner?

Clayton’s love proposal to Ellen Kershaw

When it comes to proposals, one has to be very creative. Clayton proved himself with his grand proposal for Ellen.

Clayton planned a whole line of series of events. He planned a fun and enjoyable day trip at the Six Flags amusement park. Followed by dinner in the limo. And then headed towards his holiday-clad townhouse, where he finally asked her. No doubt what her answer was. She said “YES”.

ellen kershaw clayton kershaw wife image 3 wifeofcelebrity - Ellen Kershaw (Clayton Kershaw Wife) Pics, Age, Lovestory, Kids, Bio

Grand Marriage Celebration of Clayton Kershaw & his wife Ellen Kershaw

Clayton and Ellen happened to be life partners on December 4, 2010. They got married in Highland Park Presbyterian Church. A grand celebration took place in Royal Oaks Country Club in Dallas, in a Dodger-themed party.

Married Life of Clayton Kershaw and his wife Ellen Kershaw

The couple leads a perfectly happy married life. Clayton said that their love was tested and purely came out when they were separated. It was when Ellen joined Texas A&M University and Clayton had to go to play for the Dodgers.

Ellen says that they realized how their lives were so much better when they were together than when they were apart.

The purpose of this image is to show the pic of Ellen Kershaw with her husband and childrens.

Kids of Clayton Kershaw and Ellen Kershaw

Ellen and Clayton had their first kid on 23 January 2015. Her name is Cali Ann. It was on the same day that he received his third career award. Also before her birth, the couple managed to purchase a house near Dodger Stadium.

The couple was blessed with yet another child on 19 November 2016. The baby boy’s name is Charlie Clayton. His birth also coincided with a match where they played the Chicago Cubs in NLCS.

Ellen Kershaw is a perfect daughter, wife and mother. She aims for the welfare of the family and gives her best to them.

Ellen Kershaw in Career

Ellen Kershaw is a kind, humble and loving person. She is so much into charity work that she started Kershaw’s charity program. Ellen Kershaw is a co-founder of Kershaw’s challenge organization. The aim of this organization is to ameliorate the plight of vulnerable children.

Fan Following of the Wife of Clayton Kershaw on Social Media

Ellen Kershaw, although a  big celebrity likes to keep her social media private. Her followers on Instagram are just 995 with 579 followers and 825 posts. The link to her social media accounts is given below.

  • Her Instagram Link:
  • Facebook Link:
  • Her Twitter Link:

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Family of Ellen Kershaw After Marriage

As of 2020, Ellen Kershaw’s family has 4 members that include husband and wife and their 2 kids. Clayton Kershaw (husband), and Ellen Kershaw (wife) Cali Ann (daughter) and Charlie Clayton (son). They make such an adorable family.

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